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Residence Life

In Residence Life we work together with you to help you develop skills needed to become an independent and strong individual.

By promoting your personal and academic growth we extend the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture halls and the best part is, you choose how you wish to be involved!

Getting involved in residence is easy, whether you enjoy social activities with your friends, helping others with academics, the teamwork of sports and athletics, or taking charge of student leadership!

In addition to the life skills and becoming involved, you will also learn how your contributions help develop a unique and diverse experience. The Niagara College Residences help you learn what a global community feels like!

We have students from across the globe that can introduce you to different cultures and experiences, and help you gain a stronger sense of how you fit in your community.


The Residence Life Team exists to promote a social and supportive community, with a strong emphasis on self-growth and development. They implement quality programming and promote a safe environment with high community standards that reflect our diverse community.


Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) is responsible for the overall operations of the Residence Life Department. They provide direct leadership to the Residence Life Staff and ensure our mission statement and principles are met fairly and consistently. The RLC also participates in on-call rotations, student meetings, and programming, as well as takes a leadership stance with emergency and crisis intervention.


Resident Advisors (RA)

Your Resident Advisor is here to help you transition into your new community. Their role in the community is to plan academic, social, and educational programs, assist you with academic and personal concerns, and ensure the safety and security of the building. They are here for you to make your Residence experience the best that is can be and to promote a sense of community within the residence.


Being part of the Residence Life Team can be a positive life-changing experience. Skills and experiences gained from various positions will prepare student leaders for their future careers. Getting involved lets you make your living experience your own and help others get more from their residence experience too! Whether you become an RA, a member of Residence Council, do room tours, or just take part in Residence Life events, these opportunities allow students to connect with their community, enrich their post-secondary experiences, make friends and network.


Residence Council

Residence Council is a group consisting of elected and volunteer residents who advocate on behalf of the Residence community. Residence Council members contribute to the community through programming, participating as committee members, and through meetings with the students. Residence Council consists of the elected executive members; vice president and president and general representatives; all students are welcome to apply to be a Residence Council member.


Tour Room Ambassador

Becoming a tour room ambassador is simple! This in-house opportunity allows enthusiastic residents who love their residence space a chance to showcase their living space to potential future students. Residents who apply to become a tour room are given the chance to share their anecdotal experiences, enjoy increased housekeeping, suspended lockout key charges, and are encouraged to add this opportunity to their resumes.


Resident Advisors (RA)

If you are interested in becoming a Resident Advisor please review the position details and application information below before applying:

Start your application to become an RA today through (automatically opens in a new window) by clicking the relevant link below:

Residence Council

If you are interested in becoming a member of Residence Council Elected member please review the position details and application information below:

  • Elected Positions – Residence Council Elected Member application package [Coming Soon]





If you are interested in becoming a Resident Advisor please review the documents below (automatically opens in a new window):

After reviewing the position details and application information please complete an online application via by clicking the relevant link below (automically opens in a new window):

Please connect with our Front Desk with additional inquiries.